Yes, you heard right. Seahorse Corral is coming back soon. We may be under new ownership, but expect the same excellence that Beth maintained for years. The previous owner, Beth Privett and her amazing staff, built a legacy and with that she set the bar high for me. I am so honored and privileged to bring Seahorse Corral back to its amazing and loyal customers. Thank you Beth and staff for this incredible opportunity.

While some tweaks have yet to be made, we have our erectus breeding station running and ready for fry. We are currently enticing our Erectus pairs to mate. I have the Barry White playing to set the mood. In the coming weeks, I expect to have our holding systems all completed and cycled. Our Dwarf Seahorse corral is almost ready as well. My goal is to have a steady supply of seahorses by midsummer.

As our customers, you are most valued. I will keep you posted of my progress. Keep me posted with your thoughts.